Mother Nature Celebrates NYC Earth Day With a Flood Alert


If you haven’t noticed yet (or have been in doors all day), it’s been raining cats and dogs all afternoon. But what better way to celebrate Earth Day than with an absolute wash-out?

In the midst of a city-wide flood alert that will run its course until the end of tomorrow, New York commemorated the planet today (the New York Daily News wrapped up the day’s events here).

Meteorologists are predicting that some areas will receive over three inches of precipitation from this springtime n’oreaster, the worst coming late tonight with winds hitting nearly 40 miles per hour.

Since Thursday, the city has been on flash flood mode – a scenario that the New York City Office of Emergency Management paints beautifully: Flash floods can strike any time with little or no warning. City streets can become rivers in seconds.” Preparations involve emptying catch basins and warnings to the public to “not drive into flooded areas” or “[walk] through moving water.” Easy enough.

The Mets already cancelled their doubleheader against San Francisco and the MTA has informed that the public that they will hopefully have the railways on lock.

And tomorrow will not be Earth Day anymore. That means its green charm will be fully gone so be prepared for a terribly possible case of the Mondays.