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She, having Jay, Michaela, and often will, are turned into brand-new Ikabula tribe as soon as the Tribe change, and comprise joined by Takali members Bret LaBelle and Sunday Burquest.

She, having Jay, Michaela, and often will, are turned into brand-new Ikabula tribe as soon as the Tribe change, and comprise joined by Takali members Bret LaBelle and Sunday Burquest.

If Ikabula forgotten immunity, Michaela recommended people separated their unique ballots between Bret and Sunday, and choose completely Bret during the revote. Hannah and Michaela voted for Bret, but Jay and Will joined Bret and Sunday in blindsiding Michaela.

Coming back from Tribal Council, Hannah was actually irritated about being from the circle. The mix taken place the following day. She regrouped with many other Vanua alliance Adam and Zeke. Will won immunity. The plan would be to blindside Michelle. However, any time a paranoid Adam started talking-to Taylor, Hannah regarded voting out and about Adam if you are untrustworthy, but at Tribal Council, she joined up with just about all in blindsiding Michelle. In the second Tribal Council, she aided the woman alignment separate their unique votes between Taylor and Jay, and Taylor got voted out and about. On time 28, Hannah and Zeke comprise stuck within the involving the Takali Alliance which targeted Jessica Black, and David Wright’s association just who pointed Chris Hammons. The two sided aided by the last association, blindsiding Chris.

Following your next repay problem, Hannah advised David about Zeke’s want to stop your, and she thought to join David’s Vinaka alignment. Before Tribal Council, Zeke spoken to Hannah about their arrange; after she is noticeably reluctant to run against David, Zeke decided to aim the instead. Hannah tried getting Adam to sign up them, David, Jessica, and Ken McNickle, and require a tie. At Tribal Council, the woman alliance voted for Zeke while Zeke’s Vinaka alignment chosen to be with her which ended in a 5-5 connect between the lady and Zeke. The revote ended in a 4-4 link between their and Zeke. No one would alter her votes, so then a rock painting Tiebreaker taken place in which Jessica was done away with by choosing the unfortunate stone.

They came out Hannah’s association was at the minority. A day later, Hannah met this model mummy Liz in the close relatives Challenge. Adam claimed resistance.

At refugee camp, Hannah claimed she assumed she ended up being the target. At Tribal Council, Adam starred a concealed Immunity Idol on her behalf, however, it best negated four ballots as might turned to this lady association so Zeke was actually blindsided. With the upcoming Tribal Council, Hannah joined just about all in blindsiding Will. Ken earned resistance from the closing seven. At camp, Hannah proceeded to aim Sunday to hinder this model association people from getting them with the end of the game as a perceived easy foe inside court vote. Their arrange labored as Sunday would be blindsided.

David earned immunity on time 36. Jay discussed to Hannah and David about blindsiding Bret, but at Tribal Council, Hannah signed up with Ken, David, Adam, and Bret in blindsiding Jay. Ken earned resistance on Day 37. Hannah, David, and Ken confirmed his or her final three package and proceeded to target Adam if you are a bigger probability than Bret to gain the final problem. Adam after that informed Hannah about their brand-new idol and want to eradicate David, but Hannah explained David and Ken. At Tribal Council, Adam played the idol on himself, but Hannah, David, and Ken chosen against Bret to send him toward the court.

Straight back at team, an aggravated Adam informed Hannah that when David made it to your Final Tribal Council, he would gain the game; though she got repeatedly spared David, she assented with Adam and guaranteed to vote against David the second evening. On night 38, Ken overcome Hannah to winnings the Final resistance obstacle. At team, Hannah chatted to Ken about getting rid of David. At Tribal Council, Ken signed up with Hannah and Adam in voting out David.

In the end Tribal Council, Hannah and Adam battled over proper conclusion, and she was actually slammed for foiling prior plans to minimize David. Hannah finally had become the co-runner up on the season besides Ken, losing to Adam in a unanimous 10-0-0 jury ballot.